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Our aim is to help train humans and dogs, for the human to provide a stable atmosphere for the dog, and to train dogs to make sure they are stable enough to be in any home and to be a non-problematic family member.

Our Vision is to make sure dogs are seen as an asset to the home, rather than a obstacle. Every dog can be trained and become a great dog in the right hands, so we teach humans how to become a leader for their dog and thus leading to a stable dog.

Our Mission is to reduce the number of dogs in shelters due to the fact that they have behavioural issues, thus not being adoptable to suitable to a home. 

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Our Trainer

Having grown up around, and been fascinated by, dogs and having hands-on experience with big breeds like German Shepherds, he has gone on to training other breeds like Rottweilers, Pitbull’s, and Staffordshire Bull terriers, to name a few.
Having run and been involved in several different businesses, he has now decided to focus on his passion for dogs, with his natural ability to train dogs, into a more professional capacity, vs the unofficial experience of training friends dogs. Therefore, he has gone onto acquiring a diploma in dog training to build a foundation to add his experience-based knowledge.
He has a long-term plan with the dog training which will drive him to makes sure he does the best he can whilst educating any, and every, one where possible.

Review from our Clients

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Diya Owner of Scooby the Staffie

Sunil is very helpful, he is patient and knowledgeable. He try to share a lot of tips.

Rosa Owner of Chewie the Cocker Spaniel

Sunil is great. He helped us understand what we were doing wrong and improved how our dog behaved.

Yasmin Owner of Annie the Patterdale Terrier

Sunil has been really helpful and professional with our little Annie, he’s helped us with different issues and has been really attentive. He definitely knows his stuff!

Peter Owner of Rosie the Malinois x GSD

Sunil was very good with his training and the advice he gave us. Every week he would quickly go through items from the previous week indoors then we would go out into the local car park where he would show us what to do then we would both put into practice what he had taught us. Rosie got on well with him and would be attentive to the instructions.we were taught how to keep Rosie under our control and to do what she was told. Since the training Rosie has been a pleasure to take for a walk. If we do have an issue then all we have to do is text Sunil and he will give us the answer. We were very pleased with the training Sunil provided and would have no hesitation in recommending him to other people.

Jo Owner of Ruby the Australian Labradoodle

We worked with Sunil for a few sessions and she and we learnt a lot. After an hour’s session in the park working on her recall using tips from Sunil she now comes when she's called even if she is playing with another dog which I never thought would happen. We were taught how to get her attention focused on us wherever she is. I can't thank Sunil enough for the way he helped us with Ruby. Training continues but it will always be ongoing while she's a puppy. Many thanks Sunil Jo, David and Ruby

Ines Owner of Noodle the WL Labrador

Sunil was very flexible and offered the option of 1 to 1 classes which really helped our excitable labrador puppy calm down a bit and learn some ground rules. Every week Sunil would start by recaping the previous lessons and then bring new techniques to the table, helping us correct our dog's (mis)behavious. During the training weeks, Sunil gave us great advise, shared a lot of coaching techniques and recommended toys, games, etc that would be suitable to Noodle's personality/breed. Last but definitely not least, Noddle was a massive fan of his and really seemed to enjoy her classes! 🙂

Kieran and Sian Owners of Maple the Rescue

Sunil transformed our training with Maple. She was a terrified, anxious rescue dog and Sunil gave us the principles to help build her confidence and her trust with us. Maple is now a happy, confident, playful dog and her growth is largely down to our training sessions with Sunil. Thank you.

Siobhan Owner of Chandler the Golden Retriever

Can’t recommend The Stable Dog enough! After trying several other trainers where I wasn’t seeing results, Sunil really helped me with my dogs reactivity issues. The pace of the training was really great, and allowed us to make the changes we needed to make in between sessions before moving forward. Felt really comfortable and really supported with each step, and got the feeling he really cared about my dog. My dog responded quickly and the results have been brilliant.

With us, a dog stops subsisting, and starts living!

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