Puppy Package

Whether you are looking to get a puppy or have just gotten a puppy, this is the package for you. This package will help you to get a better understanding of what to expect and understand why your puppy is doing certain behaviours. We will also equip you with the tools to help manage your puppy’s behaviour.

This includes an in-person consultation (which will last from 90 minutes) where we will cover what to expect, why the puppy is/will do certain things as well as how to manage it and an initial session to offer practical advice for those with a puppy + a follow up 1-hour virtual session. For those that hasn’t got there puppy yet, we will do the virtual session first, and the practical session once you have gotten your puppy.

In-person 1-2-1 Dog Training

This is the service for you if your dog is out of the puppy stage and is showing signs of, or displaying, bad behaviours from barking, lunging at dogs or humans, aggression around items, e.g. toys, food, etc. We also cover obedience work here, so if you want to support in teaching your pup new commands of help reinforcing already learnt behaviours to aid them in being a better dog in the outside world. 

We always start with an initial consultation + session to offer some practical tips and advice.

Dog Training

Although our main services are focused on supporting and coaching the owner to train and lead their dog correctly, we have come across dog owners that have suddenly become too busy to train their dog, whether that be because of them going back to work post-pandemic, or even adding a new addition to the family in the form of a baby hence having to spend more time with the baby. This is where this service comes in.

With our dog training service, we come to your home for a certain number of days according to which version of the package you choose, and we train your dog for you. This is a hands-off service for the dog owner, which means the dog owner does not have to be there, whether that be you allow us in before going to work or going out, or you leave the key in a safe spot, and we allow ourselves in at the agreed time. We will then offer up a handover session where we will briefly talk you through what to do going forward and transfer the skills over to the dog owner.

This is an intensive package, and the training will mainly take part in your home and/or a local park depending on what is being trained. This will normally take your dog to a higher level than what most day-to-day dog owners would be able to do with their at-home training.

We will typically have a consultation at the start in which you can highlight what you want from the training in terms of expectations and/or if you want certain behaviours/issues fixed. We will then consider this and train the dog on this plus any additional obedience and behavioural work to deliver you back ‘The Stable Dog’ for happy home life.

There is a minimum of 2 days a week required here and will be dependent on the individual circumstances of the dog and dog owner.

Our services include the following: